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Bird Ecology and Conservation Ontario is governed by a board that currently consists of 3 directors:

Josh Shook — Director
Josh Shook is one of the founding directors of BECO. He is an environmental scientist with a broad range of experience spanning the globe. He currently works at the Ontario Ministry of Energy and is responsible for the Municipal Energy Plan Program. Josh holds a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Guelph and is passionate about birds and conservation. He has strong bird identification skills and knowledge of breeding bird monitoring techniques as well as migratory bird research through banding. Josh has conducted bird survey work across Ontario for the Ontario Breeding Bird Atlas and for numerous environmental impact assessments. He also volunteers regularly to support bird conservation initiatives.

Jessica Steiner — Director
Jessica Steiner is one of the founding directors of BECO. She has extensive experience in wildlife conservation, with particular emphasis on endangered species recovery. Jessica holds a Masters of Wildlife Health and Population Management, and a post-graduate diploma in Endangered Species Management. She has worked on species at risk recovery programs both within Canada and internationally, most notably managing the Eastern Loggerhead Shrike Recovery Program in Ontario for Wildlife Preservation Canada for almost a decade. She is currently the Senior Advisor of Conservation Networking for the Wilder Institute, Calgary Zoo. Jessica has first-hand experience facilitating multi-partner projects, working with private landowners, volunteers, government, and conservation NGOs. She has also been involved in the development and delivery of habitat stewardship projects to benefit species at risk on both private and public lands.

Erin Thackray — Director
Erin Thackray joined the BECO board in March 2014. She brings expertise in community and human ecology with more than 20 years’ experience in international project management and local community outreach. Erin holds a Bachelor of Arts (French), a Bachelor of Social Work, a Masters in International Public Health, and a Masters in Counselling Psychotherapy. She currently works as a Clinician at the George Hull Centre for Children and Families and provides psychotherapy to individuals, couples, and families in a private practice.

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