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March 2020 — BECO’s research on when Bobolink finish breeding published in The Journal of Wildlife Management.

March 2020 — Ontario Sheep News Magazine features an article by BECO about grassland birds.

February 2020 — Barn Swallows and social cues research published in The Canadian Field-Naturalist.

February 2020 — Ontario Farmer reports on BECO’s presentation at the recent annual conference of the Ontario Soil and Crop Improvement Association.

September 2019 — BECO’s research on testing grazing strategies for Bobolink published in Avian Conservation and Ecology.

November 2018 — BECO is 5 years old! Take a look at some of what we’ve accomplished in our 5-year retrospective report.

October 2018 — BECO presents a poster on grazing strategies to support Bobolink breeding success at the annual conference of The Wildlife Society in Cleveland, Ohio.

April 2018 — Read about BECO’s Bobolink research in a recent article featured by Inside Ecology.

March 2018 — BECO was interviewed about Barn Swallow use of new nesting structures for an article in the spring issue of ON Nature.

August 2017 — BECO attends the 2017 joint meeting of the American Ornithological Society and the Society of Canadian Ornithologists/Société des ornithologistes du Canada, presenting a poster on Bobolink dispersal after hay harvesting.

May 2017 — An article in Ontario Farmer showcases BECO’s Bobolink research in an interview with one of the producers we worked with in 2016.

November 2016 — Aware Simcoe reports on BECO’s grassland bird conservation workshop, held on November 22 at the Tiffin Centre for Conservation.

March 2016 — BECO initiates a research program to conserve songbirds in agricultural landscapes with support from the Ontario Trillium Foundation.

September 2015 Thank you for making BECO’s first fundraising campaign a great success! Our Focusing on songbird conservation science campaign raised just over $3,000 to support our Barn Swallow and Prairie Warbler projects.

May 2015 BECO’s Barn Swallow project featured in local paper. The Ayr News visits us in the field as we set up this year’s Barn Swallow nesting structures.

January 2015 BECO’s first popular press article has been published. Read about our Barn Swallow project in the winter issue of Edible Toronto.

January 2015 BECO receives charitable status.

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